Saturday, June 6, 2009

When I Write About Death!

Story 1
It happened when I was around standard 3 if i were not mistaken, or was it standard 2? I was waiting for my mom to withdraw her money from the ATM machine while waving to my dad and brothers in the car which was situated on the other side of the street. Suddenly I decided to go to the car without waiting for my mom. Impatiently, I did not look to the right and left and run towards the car merrily, when suddenly I heard a screeching sound, it was a car! Luckily the driver manage to brake just before hitting me. My hands was already on the bonnet. Quickly my mom apologise to the man and when i got into the car my father was very mad. I wonder what if Allah decided to take my life during that time, I'll go to heaven, but He knows best.

Story 2
Well this one is not really a single story, it happened for a few times I guess. Almost got hit while crossing the streets in Egypt. There was times when the 'tramco' were only few inches from me! Alhamdulillah, Allah protected me until today! Here in Egypt, I also has attended lots of Janazah Prayers, especially in Gami' Ibrahim in Azarita. For me, they are reminders from Allah, reminders about death!

Story 3
I was walking to cross the tram's railway and for an unknown reason, it was like there's nothing in my mind, I was feeling blur when suddenly I heard the sound of the tram's loud horn which woke me up, the driver was glaring at me with the 'Do you want to die???' face! I was a few steps away from the railway but i guess the driver saw me walking with no intention of stopping. Thanks to Allah again and to the driver who warn me!

Story 4
I was riding the motorcycle (which has been stolen, poor din) with Din to attend an oral exam when we suddenly fell down at a u-turn, luckily there was no car behind us. I wonder what would happen if there was a car right behind us, and the car hit us and the bike after we fell, this blog would never exist I guess and Din would never become the Chairman for PCI.

Story 5
This one is not about me, but it is about my friend who was hit by a bus while riding a motorcycle on North-South Highway in Gurun, Kedah. Don't worry though, he's still alive and kicking, alhamdulillah! I was the first person to be allowed to visit him in the High Dependency Ward after his family, his father told the nurse that i was his bro. I still remember how i rush to the hospital after receiving a call from my mom telling me that the hospital need a blood donor for him, i was driving my dad's Toyota Unser up to 140km/h, with the emergency light turned on, I even broke through some red traffic lights. I thought he needed a fresh blood transfusion, but when I arrived, the hospital actually need a blood donor to replace the blood in the blood bank, what a relief that I didn't hit anything while rushing to the hospital, Alhamdulillah. Now that friend of mine has recovered completely, FYI, he suffered from broken ribs, hip bone and femur, perforated lung, injured spleen, injured kidney and few stitches on his head, Alhamdulillah, Allah saved him from death.

Story 6
This is the last story, i hope you are not bored, it is about me receiving the news of other's death. The most painful one would be in Nov 2006 when i received the news that Allahyarhamah Mawaddah has passed away, she was my closest sister. Still remember how when my mom was not available or busy with my little brother, I would be the only one that she wanted to feed her medicines, and to accompany her when she wanted to sleep. May Allah let us meet again in His heaven insyaAllah. My deary Iffah Diyana now really reminds my family about her and all of us are really glad to have her, thank you Allah!

What actually I want to share?
It's simple actually, we could never predict when we are going to die exactly. Even if you got a terminal stage cancer, still, the prognosis is not 100% accurate. Most people, when they think about death, they would think about how, when, and where. Example: "I hope I'll die while sleeping, on Friday, during Ramadhan, in Makkah." It's not wrong to think about all these, but more importantly, you must think how much have you PREPARE YOURSELF??? If you die now, where will you go? Heaven or Hell? Remember my friends, you might say that we're still young and we can perform Taubah when we're old, but what if you die tomorrow???
Death could come at any time, anywhere, and in any way that Allah wants. So we must always be prepared!

Thank you for your time, may Allah makes us among the people who prepare themselves well before the meeting with the Death Angel (Izrail).

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Jackster® said...

totally right =)

kanta said...

salam neo.

your tram story is similar to mine. alhamdulillah... I'm still alive to perform taubah prayer.
at that time i was in a 'deep hole'. didn't think i want to live anymore. but yes u are right, He knows best.
and on oct 2006 also, i got a death news from malizi.

there's a story about AlFudhail bin Iyadh. One man met him to ask for reminder. AlFudhail said, "Is your father still alive?"
He said, "no"
AlFudhail replied,"Go, leave me. One who needs others to give him nasihah even after his father's death, nasihah is not beneficial for him."
And AlFudhail added,"death alone is enough as a reminder"

din said...

jenal..nice..thanks for this timely advice =)

berkerja bagai kita hidup selamanya..
beribadat bagai kita akan mati keesokan harinya..

fikir-fikirkan(dgn gaya farid esmit emir,berita dunia jam 11)


Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

your sister passed away?...

I totally agree, I tend to postpone our tuabah... got to fix that

Neo Rantissi said...

To jackster - thanks for the visit

To kanta - Thank you for the extra sharings :)

To din: haha, u're right man, and u're welcome, anytime.

To anas - She died from a terminal stage cancer. Yup, let's fix ourselves to become a better muslim.

sarahR said...

A very nice reminder indeed..

Certainly, u are very lucky to be alive.. =)

Dr.Anas MA said...

nice post

semoga sama2 penuhkan wajibat
he3 =)

burung antu said...

may Allah watch over us..bless us as well..