Monday, May 4, 2009

Why women should not wear high heels :P

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I was surfing around when I suddenly found this picture from Washington Post. Before this I always knew that wearing high heels for women is not good but I'm not really sure about the reasons, but now problem solved! I'll just let the picture explains everything. I'm just glad there's no high heels for man ^_^

So girls! Say no to high heels! hehe.

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8 Extra Sharings (Comments):

Jackster® said...

salam alayk

haha nice one! =)

Anonymous said...

"high heels push the center of mass in the body forward,taking the hips and spine out of allignment"

p/s : ptutla girl pkai high heels tonggek sket :)

Neo Rantissi said...

adoi...yg tu gak yg dia nampak, sila tgk melalui medical point of view, haha! saper la gerangan anonymous nih~

and thankx to jackster!

.::: norhasmahsalleh:::. said...

hoho..interesting topic.
nice blog,
keep good work & well done!

[tp klo ada explaination ttg effect2 dia lg nampak jelas kot.xde la org tgk dr physical view je.hehe]

Muaz Nabil said...

comel la post ni zenal. :P

Na'ila Ahmed said...

high heels were created in order to make the legs look slim and the women look curvier from the back ...nicest way to put it
however i think they strain the back and hurt the feet

Anonymous said...

I agree with some part but I am not entirely agree with the understanding that the ultimate reason to not wearing high heels is because of this.
its not permissible in Islam for women to do something attract the public by this means and also reveals her zinah (adornment) like the comment above which oppose the concept of hijab.
so the ultimate reason is we just follow the order of Allah.


cik k0ala said...


guess what?!

i love this post. hehe

tq =)