Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Finally, the exams are over and I'm going home after nearly 2 years, would be great to spend Ramadhan and Eid with my family this year. Ouh how i miss them so much especially the little ones, Iffah and Abbas. Sadly i won't be meeting my brother Ahmad for a while since summer in New Zealand is in Nov/Dec, gotta wait until one of us finish our studies. Gonna be a long journey, I'm getting 10 hours transit in Doha and 10 hours transit in KLIA since I'm taking a flight to Penang from LCCT at Thursday's morning.

Lets appreciate the chance of meeting Ramadhan Al-Mubarak as much as we can, make it better than the previous years.

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4 Extra Sharings (Comments):

adLedash said...

salam zainal...

selamat berpuasa disana..besnye dh nak balek malaysia..ade rzk kite berjumpa ye...aku dh jupe baba ngan rahman..hg ja x jumpa2 lg..hee~

Neo Rantissi said...

wslm wbt arina,

syukran, hang pun sama, iAllah ada rezki kita bleh jumpa, depa xpa la, duk belah2 KL nuh, aku kat sg. petani ni, kalau hang mai sini xpala, keh3.

sarah said...

i like acoustic~ nice one. katak pun best je dgr kalau dah lama duk mesir.. :)
it rained too on the way to johor.
have a nice holiday and happy fasting..

Neo Rantissi said...

haha, glad u like it, the original version is quite heavy i think, so i decided to post the acoustic version =). kan! mesir xder katak nyanyi2, haha.

u have a nice holiday too! happy fasting with ur beloved family.